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Health Information and Articles


Our Clubs health Officer: Mr. O Galla appointed.

We are constantly in touch with the other Bull Terrier Clubs and work closely with the Coloured and Northern Provincial Health Officers and the Miniature Bull Terrier Club. The Club continues to promote health checks of all animals (both Dogs & Bitches) before starting a breeding programme. And encourage that only healthy animal are used in breeding programmes.

We are involved in discussions with a vet at the moment concerning Heart and Kidney function testing at our June Show this year. We held a Breed Specific Seminar in 2017 and also a health tutorial.

All new members are sent a health pack, which tells them about the problems within our breed. Every member who is planning to breed are encouraged to have their animal health tested before they mate their dog/bitch, for heart, kidney and deafness plus DNA/PLL eye test if it is a miniature.

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